How Does Shopmobility Work?

ShopMobility: A nationwide network of accredited centres providing mobility solutions for those with restricted movement. Easily hire various equipment to navigate public spaces with comfort. Find your nearest centre for assistance with hiring mobility equipment.

What is ShopMobility?

ShopMobility is a nationwide network of accredited centres that provides mobility solutions for individuals facing restricted movement. Its primary goal is to offer access to a variety of mobility equipment, enabling users to navigate public spaces, shopping centres, and outdoor environments comfortably.

Shopmobility centres act as hubs where individuals can easily access and hire different types of mobility equipment. When you find your nearest accredited Shopmobility centre, they will be able to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about hiring mobility equipment.

Types of Mobility Equipment:

The mobility equipment available varies depending on the centre. Here is a range of mobility equipment that our centres may offer: 

  • Manual Wheelchairs: A manual wheelchair is a cost-effective and portable solution, promoting independence with easy manoeuvrability and low maintenance. It encourages physical activity and accessibility, making it a practical choice for individuals seeking greater freedom in their daily lives.
  • Mobility Scooters: Offering increased independence with easy navigation, comfortable seating, and battery-powered convenience. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, they alleviate physical strain, making them a valuable solution for individuals with limited mobility and enhancing overall quality of life.
  • Powerchairs: Ideal for those with more extensive mobility challenges, providing easy navigation and versatility for indoor and outdoor use. Their precise joystick control ensures convenience, making them a valuable solution to improve overall quality of life.
  • Rollators (mobility walkers): With wheels and a built-in seat, offer enhanced mobility and stability. Lightweight and foldable for easy manoeuvrability and storage, they give users control and a comfortable resting spot during walks. Overall, these walking aids contribute to increased independence for individuals with mobility challenges.

Find your local centre to discover what mobility equipment they have or if you have any further questions. 

Eligibility and Accessibility:

People of all ages can benefit from their local ShopMobility services*. It’s not exclusively for the elderly or those with chronic disabilities; ShopMobility extends its support to individuals facing temporary illness or injury. Whether you’ve recently had surgery, sustained a leg injury, or are assisting a child with disabilities, ShopMobility is here for you. If walking longer distances is challenging, our centres are equipped to provide the appropriate mobility equipment to help you access local shops and facilities effortlessly. Our commitment is unwavering — we strive to facilitate freedom without limitations, promoting improved well-being and reducing isolation throughout the UK.

* Subject to each centre’s terms and conditions; equipment might not be available for children

Costs involved with hiring:

The hiring costs for equipment at individual Shopmobility Centres differ, but generally, they are very affordable and, in some cases, even free! Some centres also provide the option to make a discretionary donation. Additionally, many centres offer flexible rental durations, accommodating your specific needs. Team members are ready to assist you in every possible way. For precise details on pricing and services available, it is recommended to reach out to your local centre for more information.

ShopMobility, as an accredited scheme, serves as a guiding light for those with limited mobility, offering a nationwide network of centres and a diverse array of equipment options. With a focus on accessibility and cost considerations, ShopMobility is a valuable resource for those seeking greater freedom of movement. To best access equipment or receive information, we strongly recommend reaching out to your local centre. Explore ShopMobility and open the door to a more vibrant, active, and independent lifestyle tailored to your specific needs.

Published 06/02/2024