How to Get Support for Older People

Explore how ShopMobility supports elderly parents with mobility challenges through affordable mobility equipment hire, fostering independence & well-being.

Caring for older people presents a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to addressing mobility issues. Ageing often brings about mobility challenges that can hinder the independence of our older people. Such as difficulty navigating public spaces, a lack of a support network and the need for assistance with daily activities, understanding and addressing these challenges becomes crucial for maintaining a high quality of life. ShopMobility aims to assist caregivers and family members in ensuring older people can get access to the necessary support systems and regain some of their independence. 

How can ShopMobility help?

ShopMobility provides affordable and sometimes free hire services, catering to people of all ages, including older people, for accessing shops and leisure facilities. The reliable and comfortable mobility products ensure confidence and peace of mind, addressing challenges in walking longer distances or spending time outdoors. The commitment extends to those dealing with temporary illness, injury, or the unique needs of older people. Dedicated to unrestricted freedom, ShopMobility promotes improved well-being and reduced isolation across the UK. Hire costs vary at each local ShopMobility Center, often being very low or free. For specific details, contact your local centre. Mobility equipment availability varies, covering manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters, powerchairs, and rollators, each tailored for increased independence and mobility.

Other Support Resources

At ShopMobility, we work with many trusted and knowledgeable contacts who can assist with a broader range of issues or queries about supporting older relatives, for example:  

  • Re-engage: Re-engage is committed to older people being heard, valued and engaged. They provide social connections for older people at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing.
  • Independent Living: The place for impartial information about products and services to help with mobility and independence. Whoever you are an OT, physio or other health professional, family carer, or individual with a disability, Independent Living can provide the advice you need.

Enhancing Mobility and Well-being for Older People

Older people often encounter challenges related to mobility, making outdoor activities and daily tasks difficult. ShopMobility acts as an ally in addressing these issues, offering affordable and accessible hire services through accredited local centres. By providing reliable and comfortable mobility equipment, ShopMobility ensures confidence and peace of mind for older people facing walking limitations. Additionally, ShopMobility goes beyond mobility assistance, guiding families to find additional useful contacts to further support them. By fostering independence and facilitating community engagement, ShopMobility stands as a vital partner in enhancing the well-being of older parents.

Published 21/03/2024