Mobility and Movement with MND

Movement and mobility can be affected by MND as symptoms progress over time. This can impact on how you do things and get around but ShopMobility UK can help.

Movement and mobility can be affected by MND as symptoms progress over time. This can impact on how you do things and get around but ShopMobility UK can help.

With Motor Neurone Disease (MND), you may experience problems with movement and strength in your arms, hands and legs. This can make getting out and about difficult.  

Choosing to accept support with mobility can prolong independence and improve your quality of life, but may take some time to get used to. Here at ShopMobility UK we offer hire equipment that can help you continue to access shops, leisure facilities and the outdoors. ShopMobility equipment can also help you and your carer to save energy.

What is ShopMobility UK?

We are a nationwide network of centres which hire out mobility equipment to the public. This equipment is mainly manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters so people with restricted mobility can enjoy independence outdoors. 

How can ShopMobility UK help with mobility?

MND can cause, among other symptoms, muscle wasting and fatigue. This can lead to difficulty walking. The thought of hiring a wheelchair may feel daunting. Discuss any concerns about hiring a wheelchair with your local accredited ShopMobility UK scheme member, as they are experienced in supporting people to adjust to new equipment and can answer any questions you may have about the equipment hire. You will be given full training before you use the equipment.

Who can use ShopMobility?

Anyone of any age can use local ShopMobility services. Whatever your need, each centre is ready to help you maintain your mobility and independence with appropriate mobility equipment. We’re 100% committed to helping people explore the outdoors, ensuring improved wellbeing and reducing isolation across the UK 

How much does it cost to hire ShopMobility equipment? 

Hire costs vary at each local Shopmobility Centre however typically they are very low or sometimes free! The option to simply leave a discretionary donation is also a choice at some centres. Most centres are also flexible with the time you need to hire a product for – each team member will help you as much as they can. For details on pricing and services offered, it is always best to speak to your local centre.

To find your local ShopMobility UK centre click here.

Shopmobility UK is operated by Driving Mobility. 

Supported by the Department for Transport, Driving Mobility is a national charity that accredits a network of driving and mobility assessment centres. By operating within Driving Mobility, ShopMobility UK is able to provide a wider range of services and offer greater access to mobility equipment. Centres are now able to more easily share ideas and work together for the benefits of service users across the country.

For more information and support for people with MND, their families and carers please visit: and for more detailed information on mobility with MND, download this booklet: Getting around