National ShopMobility Awareness Day – 7th June  

We are excited to bring you National ShopMobility Awareness Day on 7th of June 2024.

The purpose of the National ShopMobility Awareness Day is to raise the public profile of these UK-wide assets, encouraging people with a mobility challenge to take advantage of them. We intend to highlight that ShopMobility outlets are good for disabled people, good for the local retail and business economy and good for communities. They offer low-cost hire of mobility equipment enabling those with a disability to gain safe and independent access to not just the high-street, where they constitute an important part of the local economy, but also to other local attractions.     

We are hoping individuals and organisations will play an active part in bringing ShopMobility services to the attention of people who might benefit from them. By raising awareness, we also hope to attract funding to sustain existing centres and encourage new centres to be set up in the many locations where they are not currently present.

Find your local Centre and check out how they are celebrating. 

Download a poster for National ShopMobility Awareness Day.