ShopMobility UK’s Commitment to Mobility and Well-Being

ShopMobility UK is dedicated to promoting mobility, accessibility, and well-being for individuals facing mobility challenges. Discover our range of hire services and empower yourself to enjoy independence outdoors with confidence.

At ShopMobility UK, we are dedicated to promoting mobility, accessibility, and well-being for individuals facing mobility challenges. As a nationwide network of centres, we provide essential services that enable people with restricted mobility to enjoy independence outdoors. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or circumstance, can access shops and leisure facilities with ease and confidence.

What We Offer:

Our centres offer a range of mobility equipment for hire, including manual wheelchairs, powerchairs, and mobility scooters. These services are available at low cost or sometimes even free of charge, making them accessible to all. We understand the importance of reliability and comfort when it comes to mobility aids, which is why we only provide products that instil confidence and peace of mind. Contact your nearest ShopMobility centre for any more information or help with hiring mobility equipment. 

Who Can Benefit from ShopMobility?

ShopMobility is available to anyone, regardless of age or disability status (subject to each member organisation’s terms and conditions; equipment might not be available for children). Whether you’re a senior citizen, someone with a chronic disability, or temporarily restricted due to illness or injury, we’re here to support you. Maybe you’ve broken your leg and find walking challenging, or perhaps you’re recovering from surgery and need assistance getting around. Even if you have a child with disabilities who requires a wheelchair, or simply find walking longer distances difficult, our centres are equipped to meet your needs.

Our Commitment to Freedom and Well-Being:

At ShopMobility UK, we are committed to breaking down barriers and enabling freedom without restrictions. By providing access to mobility equipment and services, we aim to improve well-being and reduce isolation across the UK. Our network of ShopMobility centres works tirelessly to ensure that everyone can enjoy independence outdoors, regardless of their mobility limitations.

In conclusion, ShopMobility UK is more than just a provider of mobility equipment – we are a catalyst for empowerment and inclusion. Join us in our mission to enhance mobility and well-being for all, and let us help you navigate the world with confidence and independence.

Published 18/04/2024