How Do I Join Shopmobility?

Equip your community with mobility solutions! Join our nationwide centres for affordable or free mobility scooter hire. Get accredited and break barriers!

What is ShopMobility?

ShopMobility UK stands as a beacon of accessibility across the nation, offering a network of centres that provide mobility equipment to the public. From manual wheelchairs to powerchairs and mobility scooters, ShopMobility enables individuals with restricted mobility to reclaim their independence and explore the world outdoors. These hire services are either low cost or sometimes even free, catering to people of all ages who seek to access shops and leisure facilities without hindrance.

At ShopMobility UK, we’re unwaveringly committed to breaking down barriers and fostering freedom without limitations. By providing reliable mobility equipment, we aim to enhance well-being and alleviate isolation for individuals with restricted mobility throughout the UK.

Join our network of centres and provide invaluable mobility services to your community.

*If you are an individual, find your local Shopmobilty centre as some do have memberships for locals to get discounted hire prices.*

How to Become a Shopmobility Centre:

Do you have a business that rents out and maintains mobility equipment? Join the growing network of Shopmobility Centres by becoming accredited like Plymouth, Bristol Cabot Circus, Stoke on Trent, and the William Merritt Centre in Leeds. These centres offer invaluable services to those with mobility challenges, facilitating easy access to shopping areas and enhancing independence. To begin your journey with ShopMobility and make a difference in your community, contact us or register your centre today. 

Costs Associated with Becoming an Accredited Centre:

Joining ShopMobility comes with nominal annual fees, effective from December 1, 2022. Main schemes require a fee of £50, while satellites have a fee of £15.

Shopmobility Centre Member Benefits

Becoming a ShopMobility centre member unlocks numerous benefits, including authorisation to use the ShopMobility word and symbol on promotional material, credibility from being part of the Driving Mobility Code of Practice, and access to preferential insurance rates. Additionally, members receive a Certificate of Membership; valid for a year, inclusion in the ShopMobility UK online directory, and monthly industry newsletters. They also gain access to free legal advice, information updates, networking opportunities, along with discounted training and eligibility for awards. To learn more about the membership benefits for centres that join the ShopMobility accredited network, either contact us or register to your centre to begin the process. 

Can Individuals Benefit from Discounts?

Certain ShopMobility centres offer memberships with discounted rates for mobility equipment hire. Contact your nearest centre to inquire about available memberships or local discounts.

ShopMobilityUK Mission

ShopMobility UK strives to provide only the most reliable and comfortable products, ensuring confidence and peace of mind for users. Whether it’s tackling longer distances or spending quality time outdoors with loved ones, ShopMobility UK is dedicated to facilitating accessibility and inclusivity for all. By joining ShopMobility’s accredited centre network, you’ll be part of a nationwide initiative dedicated to enhancing accessibility and promoting independence. 

How to Register Your Centre with ShopMobilityUK

Are you interested in registering your centre to become an accredited ShopMobility centre and reap the benefits? Contact ShopMobility for more information or register your centre and take the first step towards making a difference in your community.

Join ShopMobility today and embrace the freedom to explore without limits. Let us be your partner on the journey to accessibility and independence.

Published 08/04/2024